You are enough

  Sermon for Our Saviour Lutheran Church, Croton on Hudson, NY June 12, 2016 Luke 7:36-50 May I begin with a confession? You are my people, you have laughed and cried with me. You sat vigil with me as I worried over the safety and welfare of my children when suicide and illness threatened, you... Continue Reading →

Giving Thanks

Sermon for Mt Olive Lutheran Thanksgiving 2015   In Greek, Thanksgiving is Eucharistia. Does that sound familiar? It should. Every week, we say a Eucharistic prayer and participate in the Eucharist, otherwise known as communion. As I did a little research on the word, I found it interesting that the secular understanding of Eucharistia is... Continue Reading →

Fake it Til you Make It- Sermon for Mt Olive Lutheran in Santa Monica, CA, Sept 20, 2015

In a world full of artificial things… artificial flavoring, artificial sugar, artificial attitudes and artificial… noses, I am not encouraging us to be unreal or artificial. The phrase 'fake it till you make it' isn’t about being artificial, rather it is about facing the things we are afraid of and don’t want to face until... Continue Reading →

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