Beautiful Glass and Joy

The glass can cut you.  It can let you see the world clearly.  It can hold life giving water.  It can keep out the storms.  It can be half full or empty. We look right through it- but how often do you see the glass?

I just watched a video clip for “Human” a film by Yann Arthus-Bertrand and the final words were this:  “The glass is beautiful.”  As tears began to roll down my face, I knew I had to share these words and thoughts with you today.  Your day may be starting off ‘not so great.’  You may be facing heartache, debt, illness, death, homelessness, hunger or a million other obstacles that cloud our vision and stop us from seeing the glass, but I want to assure you of this, the glass is Beautiful.  

It does not matter if your glass is half full or empty today, I want you to know, the glass, your life, your personhood, your soul, it is beautiful and I see it.

And if you are wondering whether I will connect scripture- well here it is:

James 3 speaks of the things in us that both break down and build up community.  When we restrict our hearts and minds to our own desires, the glass will be half empty- and we will be unable to see the beauty.  But when we focus on actions that are life giving  we find we are not alone, we see our community, we see the glass, we see the beauty- not just for ourselves, but in others too.

Can you see the beautiful glass?


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