Carry that Cross- But NEVER alone; a Message for everyone

Life sticks us with some pretty heavy burdens at times.  Sometimes too heavy, I admit, and our hearts despair and for some, they never get up after stumbling in the rough patches.  But there is a message of hope and for those who are not Christians, there is assurance that we are not alone that is threaded through the entire human race.

We do not carry our burdens alone unless we want to.  Even then, the weight of each burden is felt by humanity.  The weight of homelessness is felt in the guilt or fear of the passerby who doesn’t know how to respond.  The weight of death is felt by the ones who care for a body, even an unclaimed one (that is another post), and there is a weight of depression that is felt by loved ones when we remember the days when our family “used” to be happy.  We are not alone.

For Christians the words of the lectionary and Gospel reading this week are harsh.  “Pick up your cross and focus”, says Christ, reminding us that the things we think matter don’t and will distract us, and that our crosses will not be light as people of faith.

Well the honest truth is, no matter what your faith, your cross will not be light in today’s world.  There will always be someone challenging you.  But as Christians, we are promised that we are also not alone.  That cross may be too heavy to carry, but the good news is, we can simply hang our dirty, soiled life upon it and know it is already redeemed.  It may be close to theology of Glory instead of the Cross, but the fact really is this, we can do it, because it is little compared to the cross already born and died upon by Christ for us.  We have to carry a cross, but be assured, we will never do it alone.


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