Seminary Updates and why I haven’t written in a year (September 2014)

Originally posted Sep 2014

This past year has been overfull.  So overfull that my poor heart and mind just needed to be ‘in’ it.  Sometimes that overfulness looked like an empty calendar and time spent with just my family.  It was wonderful and scary and full of noise and laughter and tears and sighs of contentment.

But you might ask, what does that look like for my coursework?

I realize I have left many a post unwritten or unpublished.  Often I think it is too mundane and surely you may not wish to read it.  Then I remember, I don’t have a lot of followers, so who am I kidding? lol…. so here goes.

I am in cohort 5 at Luther Seminary and this past summer we added cohort 8.  Yes indeed.  Time has flown.  On average my program should last about 5.5 years- so if you do the math, I am 2 years from graduating and ordination (God willing).

I have really lived into my studies and found a profound and thriving community to share my life with in my cohort and the greater ‘cohort of cohorts’ in the DL program.

I have also found ways to begin weaning the other activities of my life out, to make room for working full time again and living into full time ministry in a whole new way.

I have gone through yet another loss of Candidacy Advisor at the seminary- my adored Dr. Walter Sundberg has retired.  I await my new one eagerly!

I am FINALLY slotted for CPE.  That is hospital chaplaincy and it will be done at Los Angeles County Hospital and University of Southern California (LAC/USC for short).  I really look forward to it. If you are curious about who I will be ministering to- google  LAC/USC- you will be amazed!

So I sit with 7 classes left, internship and CPE.

The next step for ordination, which is separate from graduation, is endorsement.  I hope to have that in June of 2015 and begin internship in September.

No inspirational post here, no nitty gritty details, but an update long overdue.


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