Why I blog

I have been asked before why I blog, but the answer was never as clear as what I heard in a class on Job today; “Sometimes we just need to speak and for just one other person to hear.”  That is why I blog, to put my small, lone voice out there, hoping that one other person will hear me.  Maybe we will grow closer, maybe we will understand each other better.  Maybe I won’t feel so filled to overfull of whatever I am blogging about?
We all need to reach out to one another- I just choose to do mine through blogging sometimes.  I am sharing who I am, my life, my problems, my joys.  You don’t need to fix them, comment on them, or even read them.   But, if you do, and you have wondered why I write so much “Stuff”, this is why- I long to pluck the string that ties humanity together to hear the music of bond.  

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