Do I know something new?

A couple years ago, I read this competency for my Ed I class as a new seminary student:

Familiar with basic faith nurture and learning theories: faith development over the life cycle, multiple intelligences, constructivist learning design (eg Parker Palmer’s community of truth model), developmental learning principles, cross cultural learning, etc.

I knew right away that I did not really have this at all as a competency and now, as I look back I have a little bit but the fact is, I really need to evaluate this and nurture it.   It is my hope that by the end of this class, I will have a better understanding of this knowledge and a better idea of how to use it for daily ministry.

Using media in the parish is an excellent way to bring this competency to bear on a growing demographic and need in our North American culture. How do we adjust to teaching/preaching/leading with the idea of a new learning design at hand?  Let’s see what happens!

If you are curious- here is my e-portfolio I have been working on.  Sadly, I have a lot more you cannot see that is not published to it yet and is hidden while I continue to tweak it.


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