How I met Lance

So I am at this fundraiser for our youth group in Germany. We are hosting a Mexican dinner and it is near the end and we are done serving so we all sit down to eat and watch the slides from the last trip (to Spain). I am 16 and with all my friends…and I see this guy sitting all alone at the end of the long table. So, being the outgoing person that I am who needs to make others feel connected… I scooch down the table and invite him to join my friends and I.

Turns out he almost didn’t come to the dinner. He bought tickets at the PX(like a walmart on Army posts)and then his friends blew it off. Well he decided to come after all.

He stayed and helped us clean up and then afterward we stood outside looking at the stars while i waited for my ride. We talked about his hometown in Michigan and I knew I was in love with him that night. There was no doubt.

I invited him to join me at church the next day… and he did. I was so glad! After service we would walk across the street to the burger bar and sit and talk for hours. That is what our courtship consisted of. He became my best friend first. I didn’t think I stood a chance with him so I never told him I loved him. Then I went out with another guy and the look on Lances face told me I had a shot! I dumped that other guy soooo fast.

So Lance was a new soldier at his first duty station and home sick. We would sit outside the main gate waiting for the bus and talk about home- our home that we would have someday. He told me he loved me and we talked about our future together and he had not even french kissed me! Talk about respect!

The first time we went on a real date we walked downtown with my friend and her boyfriend (also a soldier) to get spaghetti eis ( a German ice cream that looks like spaghetti). While there he held my hand for the first time. I also tried to show off my vocabulary. He made some comment about something that was obvious and I said, ” my aren’t we astute?” He dropped my hand and stopped walking and asked, incredulous, ” I’m a what???” We still laugh to this day! So much for showing off and impressing him- he thought I was calling him names!

Next blog will be about how we lost each other and found each other again- titled My Life: Lost and Found


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