Why so many Christmas Cards?

My beloved looked at me like I had turned into a hoarder. 

I have over 400 blank cards ready to be addressed and sent this year as soon as the Calendar says November 20.

I know there must be shock on your faces too.  But my Christmas cards serve as far more than a holiday greeting and newsletter.  They let people know where we are.  They keep us in contact with previous co-workers, church congregations, sports team members, landlords, you name it.

Mind you, I don’t do it for anyone and everyone. But there are those in our life that we do not want to lose the wispy connection that remains as time goes on.   We never know when we may return to an area.  We never know when they may want to come visit!

This is my facebook/myspace/twitter alternative that reaches everyone- because not everyone we love has a fb account either.

Then there is something to be said about the joy of getting a hand addressed piece of mail… it is a warm, comforting feeling.  No label- just a hand that once shook or held yours that took the time to WRITE your name and address and let you know they are thinking of you.

So I do not always send that many- but I rarely have a list smaller than 150.   This year, with a cross country move and a failure to send to everyone for 3 years now, I have a duty to send to everyone.   It is my biggest priority. I didn’t send change of address out so I really have no choice …. besides, I like getting them too!


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