Halloween or Trick or Treat Deferred? How could they…Not?

My two cents- for what it is worth :
Lots of towns move trick or treat to a night that is better. They don’t move Halloween.  Just trick or treat- a dangerous night.  I grew up all over and most of the places moved it if it was during the week– they just did it earlier. 
Personally, we have celebrated many a holiday on a different day so our family could be together to do it- it is very common in the military to wait until even late January to do Christmas (I have heard of waiting as late as MAY) if that means your soldier will finally be home. For those families, it is about the time spent together rather than a day on a piece of paper.  The past 3 years we had to celebrate special days on a ‘new’ date.  It really is about our mindset- unless you are honestly (religiously)celebrating something that must be celebrated due to the moon cycle (Samhein, many Jewish holidays, Easter, etc.) 
I kept mine home- they are preteens and boys- well 2 of them- and I know how dumb boys can get w/o parents around (heck with them around too! lol) but they didn’t want me around.  I am disappointed so many sound like they are not willing to work with a later date now- it was not changed for convenience, but for safety.  This is probably the last year my youngest two will dress up (they are 12 now) and if people don’t working together to do another date later this week, my boys will be the ones to lose out because I made them respect the decision of our first responder teams.  Now I look like a loser mom for playing it safe and honoring the guidelines, but I won’t apologize for respecting authority and I am only hoping and praying they can respect that.
Croton on Hudson NY (along with many other communities recovering from the October snowstorm) didn’t do it to ruin fun and they didn’t do it for convenience- as if they have NOTHING better to do than piss off the village parents and kids by rescheduling Trick or Treat.  Like I said, most of you will probably disagree, but I thought I would share a different side of the coin. 


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