25 things, for my friend Fran and becuase of her. (from Jan 26, 2009)

25 Things, for my friend Fran and because of her

by Julie Kelly on Monday, January 26, 2009 at 10:26am
1. If I could change one thing about my life, it would be to live as a missionary with basically nothing. Simple is good.

2. If I could take back one thing in my life it would be that I never sang to my Great Aunt as I sat beside here during her end stages of cancer. Like the little drummer boy who had no gift to bring, I wanted so badly to give the only gift I could give, a song. Yet I sat, mute and afraid. I did not open my heart in song for her until it was too late, at her graveside in the pouring, icy, October rain.

3. I have 5 brothers and 3 sisters. Mike, age 40, Wayne, age 38, Rick age 33, Anne, age 33, Lisa, age 33, Rich, age 31, Irene, age 30, and Josh age 24. We are a mix of his, hers and ours. In one family I am the oldest child and in the other I am the middle. No wonder I am messed up!

4. I have moved 39 times in my 35 years of life. ‘Nuf said.

5. When I turned 9 I refused to admit it. I declared that I could not turn another year older as I had not done anything with my life yet to change the world. I thought keeping my old age of 8 would give me more time to fix my horrendous mistake and a chance to do something to make the world a better place.

6. Most people say I am confidant, but I am scared stiff and unsure of myself 90% of the time.

7. If I could take any vacation right now I would take all my girlfriends to a lonely beach with a huge hacienda and tons of good fresh food and yummy wine. We would spend the week eating, talking and working on our skin cancer risk. No men allowed.

8. I am quite nervous about the idea of Lance retiring and us not being so involved in the Army anymore- it is all I know!

9. I don’t have too many interesting things to share because you all know what there is to know already. I try to live transparently- that is why so many people don’t know how to take me; they figure there is something else behind it all… but there isn’t.

10. My best writing happens at night when I cannot sleep. I type in a stream of conscious style (thanks Pat Sperry!) until my brain is empty.

11. I have never taken any classes on how to use a computer but I think I am allowed to call myself a mini geek. (what do you say Jason?)

12. I first kissed a boy in 2nd grade… but I kissed my first boyfriend in 7th grade.. Shane Nesmith in Clarksville TN.

13. I learned the facts of life at age 9 from the book “Where did I come from?” (great book to teach kids this stuff!)

14. I fell in love with Lance at first sight but thought I would never have a shot with him- until I started dating Tony Campbell (Fulda) and told Lance after church one Sunday and the look on his face said it all. I have never broken up with someone so fast in my life! Sorry Tony buy true love was waiting!

15. I found out I would never grow any taller when I was 15 and skied over my thumb (yes I am talented like that- that will be number 16 here) and had to have an x-ray. I have pretty much worn high heels ever since… not wanting to admit I am short for life. (5’4″)

16. I have skied over my thumb (youth group ski trip from Fulda to Zugspitz). It is hard to describe- if you realllllly need to know how I achieved it hit me up for a real message.

17. I used to have to wear glasses- but at 16 I got hit in the head with a locker and ended up in the hospital for a week with a concussion. I missed out on the volleyball season and I still have the card my whole Jr. class made me. I could not see any writing for around a month without vomiting and somewhere around 6 weeks it cleared and voila- I had better than 20/20! Now I wear reading glasses due to age.

18. I have had 6 operations in my life. All for different things. Let me tell you- having a varicose vein removed realllllllyyyyyy hurts. Do NOT go Black Friday shopping only a week afterward!

19. My favorite color used to be green growing up. Now I would have to say it is tangerine orange. I am not sure what that says about me.

20. When I need to reset mentally I picture myself standing on a hill, standing between fresh white sheets hung on a line, as they blow in the stiff breeze. The sky is sunny but I cannot see the sun- I am simply caressed by the white and sheets.

21. When I had my first surgery I remember thinking how nice the “nothingness” was. I heard a voice saying “Julie, breath or I will have to put your tube back in” several times- but I really didn’t care. I did not “know” I had a loving husband, 60 day old twins and 2 other lovely children waiting for me to come back to them. That scared me stiff. To this day I am affected by it- grasping life for all it is worth.

22. I HATE painkillers. They don’t get rid of the pain, they just make me not care- and I HATE not caring or losing control- I am a control freak!

23. My favorite book in the Bible is Ruth. The story of friendship, devotion, love and the power of chosen family is so inspiring to me.

24. I am named after my Great Aunt Julie whose real name was Violet Jewell Torricellas. She died when she was verrrrry young of a massive heart attack. She also had twin boys. I kind of freak out her living siblings every so often when they see me as an adult because I remind them of her very much.

25. I love to make tortillas and I hear that mine are pretty darned good. (especially my flour ones with oregano in them.)


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