Some things to know…

I am a girl who likes tips and tricks to make things easier.  I am easily a sucker for magazines that tout the newest way to overcome obstacles in my life and house.  Rarely though do I find something new anymore.  That said, I have discovered somethings over time and it occurred to me I might share them with you.

  • Borax Mule Team worked great to keep my cloth diapers white and clean smelling- the same thing applies to musty smelling towels.  Put a quarter cup in the wash with smelly clothes or towels along with detergent and softener and you will have fresh smelling towels again.
  • WD40 is a mothers best friend- if you have lipstick or crayons in stray places.  It takes an oil to break down an oil.  Both of those items are oil based, thus you need a finer oil to get rid of them.  WD40 will do that.  It wipes crayon right off a wall with NO work.  Easier than mr. clean.  Just don’t use on FLAT paint.  
  • Make deviled eggs pretty!  Use a ziploc to put the filling into, press out the air and seal.  Cut off a small corner (i mean SMALL) of the bottom and squeeze out like a decorator bag.  Works great.
  • When you grease and flour a pan for chocolate cake, replace the flour with cocoa.  Plain old cocoa powder instead gives a lucious look to the cake.
  • Use applesauce in all baked goods instead of  vegetable oil.  In a boxed cake, you can save hundreds of calories by replacing the 1/3 cup oil called for with applesauce.  The cake will be tender and light.  I love using cinnamon flavored in all but the white cakes.  
  • Use an apple corer to core a cucumber.
  • Want really white whites?  Get some bluing.  Old fashioned and it works.  Use as directed in your whites and line dry them in the sun.  The will blind you!
  • Is your school/preschool always sending home lice notes?  Rub rosemary oil on your child’s feet and behind ears (just a drop) daily.  It is a natural repellant to lice.
  • Use dryer sheets (used are better) to dust with.  It stops the dust from returning as quickly, uses up the clothes for double duty and attracts the dust very nicely.
  • Use old pantyhose on the end of your vacuum tube to get under furniture/radiators.  There will always be something under there that shouldn’t be sucked up.  This lets it get caught on the stocking and you can then save the ‘found’ earring or toss the year old tator tot.  
  • Every time you use a lemon or lime for juice, zest it first.  Freeze the zest to throw into pancake, cake, french toast, muffin batters.  
  • Green hair from the pool?  Wash it with beer.  It is a cheap way to get the green out.  
  • Static in your hairbrush?  Spray with hairspray first.  Then let dry a moment and brush your hair.  No more static. 

I guess that is a good enough list for now.  Just a few of my favorite hints.  I hope you find one useful. 


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