Brenden’s story

Our oldest child, Brenden Shea Kelly was born October 14, 1995. He came home from the hosptial on our 2nd anniversary- the 16th.

When we found out we were pregnant we had come home to VA for my dad’s Army Retirement (surprised him!). I also learned that I get horrible morning sickness and that Army C-130 planes DO NOT help. 4 months of worshipping the porcelain god multiple times a day led to great relief when it passed- as well as several times in the hospital for dehydration. One of those Lance decided he could not take the blood spurting out of the accidentally loosened IV tube in my arm so he went down and had to be admitted to make sure he did not have a concussion… remember this when you get to the epidural part, k?

Labor was long and intensive with him. I had what is called Latent Labor (if I recall right). After they admitted me it was another 56 hours before he was born and for 3 days prior I had spent all day at L&D as they kept thinking it would kick in. No dice, so they would send me home because they HAD to by regulations.

I had horrible back labor. HORRIBLE>I was black and blue over my whole back for several weeks afterwards from mom and Lance pushing on my back to help. They could not lift their arms for several days afterwards due to sore muscles. Oh- and when they did give me the epidural I had one area it did not numb- so all the pain went there. Apparently that happens with every epidural I get.

When I got my epidural (which Lance does not remember because he tried to get all the attention by passing out from the vision of that nice short needle going into my backbone! lol) they lost all of my vitals and Brenden’s too. I remember coming to with O2 on my face and people all rushing around me. Close call to C-section number one.

Later, I did a reversal in my progression. I went from 7 to barely a 5. They said that rarely turns itself around and they were going to give me one hour and then prep for c section. 40 minutes later I told them I needed to push- well actually I told them that 20 minutes later but they did not believe me and took 20 to finally come and check me…. to their amazement he was nearly crowned! 3 pushes and my little guy was here. We did not know the sex so we had several names chosen. I wanted Lucas and Lance wanted Brenden. I looked into my husbands eyes and had to cave- his son…. his choice for name. I was so blessed to have them both!

Unfortunately because they had broken my water over 30 hours before I had a reallllly bad uterine infection. (duh- all those people checking me for way too long!) So they had to take him to the NICU to make sure he was ok and monitor him for a few hours.

Of course the hospital had no running water and they had no water to drink- only apple juice- the one thing I cannot drink. The solution from the nurse was to go buy a soda up the hall! ARHGH! With an infection, high fever, etc and you want me to drink a SODA????
Anyone who has given birth also knows about peri-bottles. well when the water came on it was brown and they wanted me to use that in the bottle….with an infection. Nice, huh?
On the 3rd day, late in the day I was allowed to go home with our little bundle.
I found my friends had rearranged my house and cleaned it. I was exhausted but thrilled. Our marriage had brought its first blessing home.

Today that little boy is sprouting chin hairs, has a voice deeper than his dad’s and is now officially taller than me… barely. And he turns 14. Not a baby anymore.


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