joes journey

Forgive me from the beginning; some facts might be a little off as memory or limited conversation may have altered them- where there are corrections I will come back (if I can) and make them or comment on them below.

Joe Iverson used to be our youth pastor in Tomah, Wisconsin at Gloria Dei Lutheran. Sadly, things started to go wrong and he was (mis?)diagnosed with a mental health disorder that made him step down. I wondered what was happening with him but we were off on our move to NY. After settling in I got the horrible news that Joe had brain cancer (thus the possible diagnosis for mental health? Joe can you update me on that one?). Our whole family was on pins and needles.
Joe had been on a cross country bicycling trip when he found out. He was actually in Kansas. I do not know the whole story yet but he had to stop his trip to return home for radiation therapy. He has now been cleared to complete his journey and he is off again. He has been chronicling this in his FB photo album and I love seeing things through his eyes. He had a good appreciation for life before, but now it is tempered with an experience none of us want to have.
He plays guitar and sings for churches along the way. Currently he is in Missouri and the Ozark mountains.
Pray for him and if you want more find him in my friends and ask to be his friend… tell him Julie sent you.


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