should old aquaintance be forgot?

As time went on I thought that I did not need any old connections. I thought that while I remembered so many, they must have forgotten me. I thought that even if they did remember me, they had their lives now and who needed someone from the past?
I thought I would be okay with not knowing who got married and what their beautiful children would look like. I didn’t think the guys that made all us girls so giddy would make comments about how beautiful it is to have children and be dad’s. I didn’t know it would matter to me that I would be so proud of my friends from days gone by who have achieved great things.
I didn’t think I would tear up at the thought of the joy that can be found when connecting with the past but living in today.
Grateful, I sit here and close out my day, thinking that finding our roots in our past is a good thing, a blessing. Tonight as I go to bed I am just a little more secure in my world, a little more connected to this place we call earth and a lot more happy that I have found a lost part of my past and realized it is still relevant to making today a great day and tomorrow a wonderful possibility.


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