Twin escapade (one of many)

Ya know how I talked about the way the kids whine about what the other is not doing and not paying attention to their own responsibilities? I THOUGHT that was the greatest thing as a mother right now that irked me. I was SO wrong. You will not believe what the twins did yesterday. I had one of those “I am counting backwards so I don’t end up in jail for beating them straight and I better start at 1 million” kind of moments.

Graham comes into the house to say” Nick got into Miss Cynthia’s truck and knocked something and the truck is now in the. . .” Now mind you, I had parked the truck, put on the e brake and left the boys to unload bricks to the back of their house. My mistake was leaving the truck unlocked.

As I am running out of the house barefoot and frantic I hear my phone ringing. It was Cynthia in KENTUCKY who had been called by a neighbor “Cynthia two little blonde boys are taking your truck for a drive”
OF COURSE she knew who the 2 little blonde boys were. I had not stayed for the phone obviously. I got up there (2 houses up around the corner) and there was her truck in the middle of the street. I was so mad I could not see straight. They had taken it out of gear and also popped the e break! They had lied to me and obviously were not putting bricks away.

I am still steamed this morning. I told them get those bricks done (this time I parked the truck in the garage and locked it up tight) and I walked away. I told my oldest to go up and oversee because if I stayed there they would not be able to walk for the blistering they would get on their little rear ends. They would be hotter pink than a sun burn! nine hundred seventy six thousand four hundred and two… nine hundred seventy six thousand four hundred and one….

OOOOOO what is it that makes children want to play in cars?

These two have been drawn to cars since they were little! We used to lock the Aerostar doors but leave all the windows down in florida in the summer because we had no AC in it anymore and needed it to cool SOME. I would be changing laundry or going to the bathroom (Heaven forbid it took more than a minute- I would be a gold medalist for peeing fast) They would hoist each other up at 3 years old and we would find them just about ready to drop of heat exhaustion in the back of the car playing! Oh how they would scare me! I was at a loss. They learned how to find my keys and go get into the car to play and lately I have gone outside while they were playing and they would have every door on my car open but they were long gone. I am telling you I thought I was ok yesterday- but I hit my anger point as well about what the 1SG did and this just topped me off. When the adrenaline ran out I thought I would crawl into my bed and I was not EVER gonna get back out. “screw it all” was all I could think along with “I just don’t care, someone else can do it”.

Now mind you Cynthia is cracking up on the phone about the whole thing (the boys and truck) and I can barely breathe- eight hundred fifty two thousand three hundred seven. . . eight hundred fifty two thousand three hundred six. . – Today I am sitting here with a smile daring to crack on it all.

What I am reminded of is the hilarity of humanity. What must this all look like? Today I will try to laugh (very difficult lately with the emotions I roll through at any given moment) but there is always a way to look at something through eyes of laughter. I can choose to laugh or I can choose to cry.

I choose to laugh today. Will you laugh with me today my friend?


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