Little boys in trouble…

Little boys who go somewhere without asking are grounded little boys.

Little boys whose mom yells for 30 minutes- calling thier name with no answer -are asking for a spanking with Hall of Great Spankings quality.

Little boys whose mommy has to knock on neighbors doors are children of one scared mommy who cannot stop thinking about children abducted and murdered right near their own homes.

Little boys whose mommy has to recruit the neighborhood children to hunt for them, have one pissed off mommy to come home to.

Little boys who get found, after Mommy calls Daddy and scares him to pieces with the news thier child is missing, are little boys that get a Come to Jesus talk like no other when Daddy comes home.

Little boys who just decide to go somewhere and not ask or share where they are going… are little boys who will not be going to the fair today.


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