Ordinations are not about the future pastor being ordained.  Yup.  This coming ordination is not about me.  Not at all. Ordinations are about a community that identifies and raises up one of their own.  They are about celebrating the work of the Holy Spirit among God's people, about lifting up gifts and promises of Baptism.... Continue Reading →


Part of me is really surprised that how we act in front of a piece of fabric is dividing this nation so deeply.  Every flag is just a bunch of colored cloth- it has no meaning except that which we impart upon it.  How we react to it reminds me of how to a child,... Continue Reading →

It is an odd thing now to be home.  I wake and cannot place myself- feeling like there is something to be done, a different place I am supposed to be.  I feel disoriented when I awaken.  It is as though the world did not notice I was gone- it went on.  But in the... Continue Reading →

My time with the Red Cross Disaster Spiritual Care response to Hurricane Irma in Georgia and Florida is nearly done.  Tomorrow will be my last day here. It is an interesting experience to see so much still to be done and to be walking away.  I got used to it in hospital chaplaincy, this walking... Continue Reading →

What does Red Cross Disaster Spiritual Care Look like? It looks like changing a staff member's life by teaching them how to fold a fitted sheet. Seriously and also humorously, it was an oddly meaningful moment. It fit into her bag and saved her space. It looked like helping another staff member learn how to... Continue Reading →

Surrounded by people every day, with very long days, it can be hard to find a sense of peace, let alone solitude. The Red Cross is a mostly volunteer organization. They give up time away from work, often using their vacation time that is meant to renew the soul. Instead they come and help others... Continue Reading →

I don't have encouraging words tonight. I saw devastation from the hurricane and the level of work to do is overwhelming but all of that is so small because a friend died today. My heart is broken. I thought it hurt before as I began to hear and see the havoc hurricane Irma left behind.... Continue Reading →

As I write, it is well past midnight and I am just now crawling into bed for the night. I began the day with new orders for Savannah, GA and by noon I had another set to Orlando. This is crisis response:constant change and adjustment. Part of that is because new needs are assessed, but... Continue Reading →

As you well know by now, a mistress is a woman in charge or power. Well I had no power last night or most of yesterday while Tropical Storm Irma rolled throughout South Georgia. But I was safe! The Red Cross has guidelines for safety first so that we do not add to the problem.... Continue Reading →

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