As I sat in a hottub with a dear friend this morning, sipping coffee, listening to the birds and the world wake up, our conversation meandered, as as they do, into church. And he shared his story.  Oh-so-casually he spoke of the roles he has filled as an active church volunteer and years of attending... Continue Reading →

It happens to all of us.  We get star struck.  We see someone and we feel like we are approaching The Oracle in The NeverEnding Story.  Suddenly, we are little Atreyu.  We know that our truth will be seen and if we try to cover it with bravado or airs, it will be known and... Continue Reading →

Whew!  I made it!  All of the generations and the beginnings of law all piled together is one of the most daunting parts of the Bible for many folks and I am not exempt.  What I found was a new appreciation for law and generations by choosing not to dig deeply or try to remember,... Continue Reading →

So recently in an interview with several Bishops and their staff I was asked, "What is one thing we didn't learn that we should know?" I answered as honestly as I could.  "I have never read the whole Bible straight through." For years I have spent time in the Bible- lots and lots of time.  I... Continue Reading →

It happens to every pastor. The sermon we feel was a bomb.  We labor over it, rehash it, reform it, slash sections, add others, practice and still, when we get up there to share these thoughts and insights on The Word, we walk away and believe we have bombed it. Does it matter?  I mean,... Continue Reading →

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